Thursday, July 31, 2008


Is uni a waste of time?I was, i still am supposed to be one of those kick ass people that comes out of uni, has this BOSS job somewhere as a magazine journalist, or a successful business enterprise. I actually feel like uni was just about me getting into debt, learning that i was a 'social entrepreneur' and having a crush that never actually went anywhere. You have this dream in your head, this picture you paint so clearly to everyone around you. This is who i am, this is who i'll be. You get out of uni and you realise it was almost a bubble land. It's been almost a year and my feet still haven't landed. I thought it was just me, but everywhere i turn, most people i've spoken to are casualties of university. OCCUPATION LIMBO, or if they have a job the whole office is using strategic bullying tactics to keep them out, or ensure they know their place.
The system educates us about all this academia stuff, WE TEACH YOU LEARN. People get so brainwashed, it's as if your not just fighting for status in society, your consistently fighting to keep Your own personal identity.
I keep coming across or reading about people making truckloads of money, millionaires that didn't even go to university. Granted not everyone that didn't go to uni ended up a millionaire, there are some real horror stories people are too embarassed to tell you about. But then why is it that some of the richest people in the world (athletes, actors, singers, sales people, businessmen), are in occupations that didn't 'especially' require a degree, and there's a world of ' CLEVER', 'SMART'
'INTELLIGENT' people out there still sniffing around for a paycheque. '
What does everybody think?

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CD Day said...

I like this debate Ota, it's one politicians are sweating over since students maybe realising the buisness rather than culture and credit of the whole thing. But guess what? Although you know how much I luv ya as a friend and agree with part of your opinion, I disagree on a personal and individual level...

There's a certain growth in the process of going to Uni, and little things I take for granted now I wouldn't have been able to do if it wasn't for the 'tests' faced there. I miss it much rolling around in what's supposed to be the real world. I've decided it was the realist thing, even when I didn't agree or passionately hated what was going on around me.

Keep up the conscious chat, see and speak soon.

Natalie campbell