Monday, July 14, 2008



So you like a guy, or a girl. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep, their on your mind 24/7.

Fed up of walking past the mirror rehearsing what you’ll say 100 times over, acting shy when you see them, cold because your about to wet yourself as they’ve just walked in?

It can be in a letter, a note form, a poem maybe a song. You don’t have to name him/her, you can describe what they look like, smell like, mannerisms you like about them, a conversation the two of you had, and the best bit, exactly how they make you feel afterwards.

What would be the soundtrack to your crush, and what is your pet peeve about them.
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Zeus_Magda said...

Okay here goes, i've liked the same guy for three months now. He's tall, dark, haired, blue eyed and has the most incredible dimples. Everytime i see him all i hear in my head is when a man loves a woman. He's got this really rich peppery scent, and sometimes for some insane reason he smells like chocolate. Last week at University, i bumped into him on campus i cracked this really dumb joke like, "You can't seem to stop following me." He laughed, and say's "is that a crime." Honestly he makes my belly feel like Jelly. His name starts with G and rhymes with peg,he's in the second year of uni studying graphics, i can tell he's favourite colour is red,
my only pet peeve is that he get's so much attention. I feel like i'm walking with a celebrity.

Bessie_Bryant said...

This guy is hot. He works at my work place. He has light brown eyes, and ginger hair. His friends call him Prince, I don’t know why because his name is Jonathan reed. He’s got this really thick irish accent, everytime I see him he’s getting into trouble from the boss. I sit on the far left, we both work in a printing company and I feel no shame in saying..i am distracted all day everyday. He’s about two heads taller than me, and I’ve never seen him wear any shoes outside of trainers. He’s not supposed to get away with it, but ofcourse sexy irish men usually do when the boss is a woman. Two days ago he asked to borrow my silver tipped fountain pen, with the jokes I’d scratch in on the side. Typically he’s got a girlfriend who isn’t even half as good looking as me. I know I studied her face from top to bottom one day, actually this bitch isn’t pretty at all.
Soundtrack:Marvin Gaye sexual healing
Pet Peeve:He bites his fingernails

Chocopie said...

Wow Bess you sound like a really nice person by the way.
My guy is black, he’s average height. He wears this really stinky cologne, but I like him so much even if he bathed in it i’d still be crazy about him. He’s the first black guy I’ve seen with green eyes, I know I’m completely not his type. I’ve seen his type on tv. Beyonce look alike’s. He smiles a lot and he says hello to me, all the time. Even if he’s with a group of his guy friends he says hello. One time he walked over and hugged me. He said bright colours suit me, and I’ve got the best set of teeth he’s ever seen. We get on the school bus together, everytime he tries to sit next to me I put a bag on my seat. One time he looked really hurt by it, but I can’t help it, he brings out the shyness in me.
Pet Peeves: I’ve blaitantly seen him talking to himself
Song: Rhianna Umbrella

Anima said...

There’s this girl I like. I’m a whiteboy from massachusettes, she’s black. She’s got curly hair and one time she put her hair in an afro, short skirt high heels for work? She was slaaaaaaaaammming. Her body is incredible, her names Terry and she walks like…I don’t know. Like she’s arrived? I’ve tried to talk to her twice but, no go. She has a boyfriend, probably the luckiest dude on the planet, I make sure I happen to be where she is incase she might ever have some guy problems. Bring it on!!!