Thursday, July 31, 2008


Is it me or is the whole female population being attacked by the illusion Shy men come with less drama than the rest of em. I'm not on this whole i hate guys flex, but i was thinking, women on a whole make it easy enough for guys in the first place. As soon as a woman hears a guy is shy, she's already looking for ways to overcompensate for him. She'll make the initial conversation, she'll do the asking out, maybe she'll iron his clothes and tie up his shoe laces for him as well.
I get it. It's nice to come across a guy that's not overly egotistical, prances around like a royal pigeon, and 'does actually' want to hear what you have to say for yourself. But what about the other side of a very dusty coin, the pro longed over analysis to your friends, the 'mental exhaustion' of trying to make conversation, one woman's quest to turn a man into a baby. Shyness is not who a person is. Their just cautious when it comes to a certain aspect in their life, it could be old insecurities, a fear of rejection, he may think your completely out of his league. There are indeed some hotties that take some time to warm up, and when they do they're warm, sensitive, kind, BLAH AND BLAH SOME MORE, and there are some hotties...that just aint so hot about you. What do you think people?

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